Academic Excellence

Blue Hills College (BHC) provides students with an energetic and challenging learning environment where they can learn, play, support, work, laugh, read and pray together.  Academic excellence is encouraged through supportive teaching methods and a structured academic program. The Motivational Performance Levels (MPL’s) is an innovative program designed to improve student engagement with their learning.

For all Years 7-10 students participating in compulsory ACER standardised assessments, and University of New South Wales (UNSW) English, Maths and Science assessments each year. Students also participate in formal exam weeks each year with a focus of developing the skills required to achieve a success Record of Achievement (RoSA) and Higher School Certificate (HSC).

The secondary school program is designed to enhance the academic, emotional, spiritual, social and physical development of each child and to cultivate balanced students with integrity, who are committed to serving their community. Our secondary school is registered with the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) to cater for students from Years 7-12.