Discounts and Subsidies
Blue Hills College is committed to making quality Christian education affordable to as many students as possible, and for many families, private school fees can be a significant investment. For this reason, we provide sibling discounts to assist families as well as employer subsidies, and a generous scholarship program is available to eligible students. To assist families in meeting the cost of education, a direct debit system is available which allows payments to be spread equally across the school year.
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Family Discounts
Family discounts are available for students who are Australian residents, and is applied to tuition fees only. The discount is calculated on the amount of tuition fees remaining after the application of any other discounts, subsidies and scholarships. Sibling discount applies to any family where two or more children are attending BHC or another Adventist School in North New South Wales. Sibling discounts are calculated as follows:

One child: Full Fee

Second child: 8% discount applies to each child

Third child: 18% discount applies to all children

Forth child: 28% discount applies to all children

Payment Options
BHC creates an annual fee statement at the beginning of the year to assist families with their budgeting.  This statement will show all anticipated charges for the year and provide a number of payment options.
Fee instalments can be made as follows:

  • Option A: Fees are paid up-front for the year - 8% discount
  • Option B: You may arrange weekly or fortnightly direct debit payments

It is important that you notify the Blue Hills College office at the beginning of the year, before the first due date, of the payment option you intend to use.  Variation from a pre-arranged payment plan would need to be arranged with the Principal.
Payment may be made by cash, cheque, direct debit and credit card.
Detailed information on fees, subsidies and discounts is available from the college office or by downloading the fee schedule below.

Fee Schedule 2021 PDF