Co-curricular activities allow students to develop into well-rounded and multi-skilled individuals. They provide opportunities for students to try new things and to be challenged in a range of new areas. For example, choir or drama opportunities teach students how to perform in front of others. Co-curricular activities also develop social skills by encouraging students to interact with one another.  Research shows that co-curricular activities increase self-esteem in individuals.


Teamwork Skills

Students participating in co-curricular activities gain teamwork skills. The students feel a sense of belonging and unity. Communication skills are enhanced, and students learn how to work well with others, to take turns and be patient. These are the skills students can use in future careers and in relationships with family, friends and co-workers. Teamwork leads to increased self-confidence when students feel supported from peers.


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Camps and Excursions

The camp and expedition program at BHC plays an integral role in the development of life-skills for our students.  Camps and expeditions are planned to complement the curriculum and to enrich the learning experiences of every child, beyond the classroom.  The environment of a camp provides opportunities for personal achievement outside the classroom and encourages behaviours that lead to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  Students are challenged to examine their personal goals, their identities, and their spirituality. 

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Ski Trip New Zealand

In 2015, the College took students and staff to Queenstown, New Zealand, to ski Coronet Peak. This trip involved 5 days of skiing and 1 day of sight-seeing in Queenstown. In many cases, this was students’ first experience of international travel as well as seeing snow. Please note: the College runs this trip subject to numbers and availability.


In keeping with the Blue Hills College (BHC) philosophy of developing each student's potential in the physical, academic, social and spiritual areas, the College encourages students to be physically active and provides a number of pathways that support involvement in a wide variety of sports.

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Blue Hills College is a school filled with music. Playing music is a whole mind and body learning experience that promotes cognitive, creative and physical development. Blue Hills College (BHC) proudly provides a comprehensive classroom and co-curricular music program. Choirs, musicals, instrumental ensembles, chapel bands and Open Mic Lunchtimes are all excellent opportunities for students to develop their musical talents.

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North Coast Independent Schools Sports Association

Students are provided with the opportunity to participate in representative sport at a number of levels – regional, state and national.

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