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Our Pre-Kindy Program

Pre-Kindy is a school readiness program for children who will attend school the following year.

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Located only 8km from the Lismore CBD, Blue Hills boasts new, state-of-the-art facilities on its extensive rural campus.

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HSC at Blue Hills

We provide the best environment for students to reach their goals.

What Is Pre-Kindy

Our Pre-Kindy classes provide a curriculum-based program for four year olds

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The chaplain at Blue Hill College is involved in the spiritual life of the College.

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Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is an important component of life at Blue Hills College.

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Helping students to develop into well-rounded and multi-skilled individuals.

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Blue Hills College is a school filled with music. Playing music is a whole mind and body learning experience that promotes cognitive, creative and physical development.
Blue Hills College (BHC) proudly provides a comprehensive classroom and co-curricular music program. Choirs, musicals, instrumental ensembles, chapel bands and Open Mic Lunchtimes are all excellent opportunities for students to develop their musical talents.

Music in the Classroom

The Secondary music program has a strong focus on literacy development and includes classroom music lessons, singing activities and primary chapel music.

Music Tuition

Private music tuition is available to students from in an instrument of their choice.  A number of highly skilled music tutors visit BHC throughout the week to tutor during class time, breaks and after school.  The cost of this tuition is additional to the school fees. More information on private music tuition is available from the College office.

Blue Hills Musical

The Blue Hills Music and Performing Arts program includes a musical. In August 2014, the first BHC musical called Malice in the Palace was performed. It was a highly creative learning opportunity for students and they were able to develop their musical and dramatic abilities.

Blue Hills Choir

The BHC choir is open to students from Years 7 to 12.  Everyone is welcome to join the choir.

Chapel Music Teams

Students may choose to be involved in the music team that provides music for weekly chapel periods. These teams provide music weekly and can include singers, guitar, bass, brass, woodwind, string, percussive and keyboard players.

Open Mic Lunchtimes

A highly popular activity amongst the students is the Open Mic Lunchtimes. Students are able perform a short piece on an instrument or sing a song in front of their peers. It’s an excellent opportunity to build confidence for singing and performing in public.

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